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My name is Vimal Pathak freelancer tour guide and I would be honoured to introduce you to my India and to the cities that I love.

I have a post-graduate degree in Philosophy from Benares Hindu University. I bring this knowledge long with a deep understanding of Hinduism and Buddhism into my work. I speak Spanish and English fluently. I generally work in Varanasi, but I'm able to arrange all aspects needed to tour other areas of India. I have a network of professional and trusted connections throughout the country. In special cases, I am happy to go out of my city to accompany my clients.

Why are my tours unique? Each person who comes to India has different ideas, needs and dreams. I am here for you, to be your "Guide" but also to get to know you better as a "Friend."

As I listen closely, I provide immersive experiences in knowledge, history, enthusiasm, happiness, spirituality, music, dance, Ayurveda, affection and unmitigated joy! You can feel this from early morning until late evening in our time together.

I general, there are four significant sightseeing experiences that most tourists to Varanasi anticipate:

  • 1: Evening Aarti, also known as an evening ceremony full of chanting mantras, lights and sacred music;
  • 2: The Morning Boat Trip at sunrise to see life on the ghats unfolding in a beautiful way;
  • 3: A Heritage Walk in the oldest parts of the city
  • 4: A Trip to Sarnath, just outside Varanasi and one of Buddhism's most revered sites.

There is, of course, the opportunity to see the famous Benares silk being woven on looms. Oh, yes! I must mention that women on my tours have commented that am "an unusual man" who is most patient and supportive of shopping (if you wish!)

I do the best assistance to hindu pilgrims .

Varanasi is a great spot for Hindu pilgrims.Hindus come to Kashi (Varanasi) to fulfill their religious and spiritual needs.In the name of religion they get easily cheated.I make sure to get all rituals smoothly and safety completed. Hindu pilgrims are helped, guided and assisted for

  • 1: Ganga puja
  • 2: Shiv darshan
  • 3: In organising real priests
  • 4: Temple tours
  • 5: In performing ritual to leave cremation remains in holy river Ganga. Banarasi Real silk shopping places.

We will have many conversations on our tours over cups of fragrant Masala chai. You will come to see the tenderness with which Life and Death are embraced in my beloved city.

I am a fully licensed Tour Guide through the Government of India, Ministry of Tourism and Culture.

I can be reached to arrange tours by e-mail: guidevimal@gmail.com and also by my WhatsApp number: +91-933-535-7962. Please join me on for a taste of what I do:

I look forward to serving you.

Our Payable Wages

A well qualified tour guide provides entertaining, relevant and organised heritage information to the tourists.

Min-25 USD
  • Wages are based on timing, hour, number of people and form of sightseeing.
  • Minimum wages not be less than 25 USD.
  • Boat, transport and hotel can also be arranged or suggested on demand.

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Vimal Pathak's tour of Varanasi was a total immersive experience of Spirituality, Culture, History, Science, Cuisine and Shopping in a completely balanced way. His caring and concern were genuine. 🥰I completely enjoyed the highly intellectually stimulating conversations and cups of Chai Masala. I would go back tomorrow if I could to Varanasi...so dignified, so colorful, such a celebration of Life Itself. I strongly recommend this Guide (and already have to some of my friends)!

- Vicki, USA -

one of my favorite things about Vimal and his service was that he reads his audience. He is super knowledgeable, but didn’t lecture us. (A couple of guides just went on and on, and that can become tiring.) He was personal; he made us feel like he wa our friend. I truly felt like we met up with an old friend and we were seeing his city for the first time.

Vimal was definitely our favorite guide of the trip. There were many things we liked about him. First of all, he was personable and fun to be with. While he is intelligent and knowledgeable, he kept a nice balance of history and stories about the city and monuments so that we were never bored. He also kept a nice balance of being professional but also being a friend. We loved his enthusiasm about everything says and does, sometimes as if he is doing something for the first time even though he may has done it thousands of times. We loved his reverence and respect for his own city, Varanasi, and helped us to see and experience Varanasi in a meaningful way, he seemed comfortable in just about any situation, and we felt safe with him - in the crazy traffic and in crowds, particularly. When we left the ceremony on the Ganges, we encountered a huge crowd, pushing and shoving to get out. He took charge and helped direct people and got me safely . Loved the way he yelled at the guy on the machine going against the crowd which helped cause the jam and also reported the problem to the nearest authority. He seem to command respect and people listen to him and that in turn makes us feel confident and safe with him. At the same time, he was kind to people understanding that many were foreigners to Varanasi and frightened therefore causing some of the pushing and shoving. We also liked the way he handled any situation that came up with ease. When we had a bad experience with our hotel on the Ganges, he immediately made plans for us to change hotels. He was also great at any special requests. When Tarynn asked if we could see a Hindu astrologer, he knew someone and had someone come to our hotel that very afternoon. We are especially grateful to him for arranging for us to meet your dear friend and his family to celebrate Diwali with them. That was such a special experience , and we were so grateful, definitely one of our favorite highlights of the trip. And on top of that, he appeared in traditional dress which made it even more special. I also was grateful that he took my hand so often to help me up the tall stone steps of the Ganges and when we walked on uneven ground so that I wouldn't fall. Again, very personal and kind attention. By the way, Vimal, I just got stem cell injections in my knees, so hoping my knees will be stronger for the next trip. All in all, we had such a good experience in Varanasi because of him and because his city is so special.
- Babs Richardson, USA -

Vimal we thought your delivery was thoughtful and considered. Your educated knowledge of your city was in depth and gave us a true insight into the history and culture of the people.

- Francisca, Australia -

Vimal - Excelente GuĂ­a TurĂ­stico lo recomiendo 100% Urshila , Peru

- Urshila, Peru -

Vimal is very knowledgeable, his English is good, we enjoyed our time with him, he was always on time, answered all our queries, he was always helpful, we would highly recommend him.

- Dr. Vimala Nathan, UK -

Lo pasamos excepcional CO Vimal, su ExplicaciĂłn de la religiĂłn hinduista es muy distinta a la de otros guĂ­as siempre muy cerca de la mitologĂ­a, la suya es muy cercana a la teologĂ­a explicando las energĂ­as y viendo el cambio que influyen la modernidad en sus creencias.

- Mr. Jorge Spain -

Our experience in Varanasi with Vimal was the best! First of all, we were with an idea completely different from what Varanasi really is, and he not only helped us to understand the really experience of this amazing city, as well give us every answer we had (and also the ones we didn’t even imagine to have!). We loved our days there and recommend.

- Bianca and friends - Brazil -

El mejor guia turistico de todos! Mi estancia en Varanasi no podría haber sido mejor con Vimal como nuestro guía turístico. Vimal fue el mejor: cálido, amable y querido por los lugareños. En todas las visitas respondió a mi cada pregunta e incluso fue muy detallista. El fue extremadamente amable y sabía mucho sobre Varanasi, su historia y la historia del hinduismo. Con mucha paciencia me explicó lo que sólo un local podría. Realmente los recomiendo, el servicio no podría haber sido mejor.

Viajo por el Mundo desde mis 17 años y viví en sitios turísticos, Caribe EE.UU. Brasil, México Argentina. Un día llegué a India. Nunca pensé encontrar un guía turístico con tanta creatividad para hacer vivir India en Especialmente VARANASI como Vimal. Debo decir que fue como estar esperado por un amigo. Vimal se ocupó de cuidarme al caminar para llegar de un sitio a otro. Para presenciar los eventos de noche y de madrugada desde puntos estratégicos no solo disfrute, también forme parte de lo que sucedió en cada lugar, Vimal se ocupó de que me sienta contenido, seguro junto a dos amigas quienes tuvimos el placer de tener todo en todo momento para nosotros. Vimal con experiencia y una formación asombrosa te muestra India en su profundidad recorriendo su historia y explicándote como un maestro, lo que sucedió en milenios, desde el aspecto social y religioso. Creo que Vimal es un verdadero guía al que llamaría más un experto amante de su país. Un estudioso, y sincero ser que comparte lo cotidiano, lo anterior y te explica la visión de una India en crecimiento. Mí Experiencia a demás de personalizada fue libre, recorriendo los lugares sagrados y deteniendonos siempre para saborear el pasado y vivir el presente en un prudente silencio que se presto a la reflexión y la Meditación muy importante para quienes nos gusta practicar con el corazón, los silencios. Varanasi, es un lugar que fue es y será, colorido, intenso, aromático y sagrado, tan único como la midma India asombrosa que sorprende en cada lugar. En Varanasi pude llegar a degustar los placeres ancestrales en lugares tan escondidos donde ningún tour llega. Vimal es mucho más que un guía es un amante de su India Sagrada, un experto maestro en historia y sobre todo un ser humano excepcional que buscará lo mejor para cada persona. Con Vimal sentirás y comprenderás mejor India, desde lo más profundo en un visita que te cambiará todo lo que piensas y sientes de la vida. Por qué India es mucho más que la vida también es la muerte en distintos aspectos y la aceptación. Todo esto lo vivirás con Vimal que con absoluta autoridad y respeto llegarás a vivir una experiencia que comienza en un lugar sagrado y termina en el máximo lugar de tu ser. tu corazón. Vimal es a quien acudiré no solo para mí próximo recorrido, sino también para disfrutar de un masala y profundizar algunos aspectos que solo Vimal con su estudio de Filosofía y religión puede tener explicándome una vez más todo. lo que no se o quizás mí alma no recuerde.
- Kalygong, (Musician relaxation artist master of gong. Independent Producer), Argentina -

Vimal es el Mejor Guia de Varanasi, habla un español Perfecto y tiene un conocimiento erudito sobre filosofía que aporta mucho en sus claras explicaciones. Es muy divertido y el grupono solo recibió de él solo enseñanzas sino buenos momentos que jamás olvidaran. Gracias Vimal !!

- Vero group leader, Argentina -
My sister and I met Vimal when he was our tour guide during a visit to Varanasi in the summer of 2008. We have remained dear friends with him for almost eleven years. Vimal’s spirit is genuine, joyful and infectious. He is extremely knowledgeable and you leave his tour learning everything you could want to learn about Varanasi and its cultures. Of course, the best take-away from Vimal’s tour was an unforgettable experience with a special human. During our time in India we toured all over the country and we had not originally planned to visit Varanasi. I am so thankful we altered our trip to include Varanasi because it ended up being my favorite stop on our India trip, by far. I have been to twenty-nine countries and as such I have hired many tour guides and Vimal is by far the best tour guide I have ever had the pleasure to meet and learn from. You can’t go wrong choosing him for your experience.
- Lisa Conn, United States of America -
Our time in Varansi was unforgettable and I give full credit to Vimal for that. While in India we went to various cities and of course they all had something that stood out but what stood out in Varansi was Vimal. The moment we met him it felt like we had known him forever, I think he opened with a joke and we immediately loved him. He was very knowledgeable but also didn’t try to force any beliefs or facts on us. He told us what was what and we chose to take something from it or not. We felt so safe walking through the streets and crowds with him, he would literally stop traffic and people would adhere, I thought that was amazing considering the traffic in India. He seemed to be very loved and respected in Varansi and it made us feel special to be with him. Varansi is a very spiritual place and all of our experiences were so special. Vimal makes you feel like you are his first guests and he’s so excited to show you something for the first time although it’s probably his hundredth time. My experience and love for India wouldn’t be what it is or was if it wasn’t for him. We had so many laughs and he truly is a genuine soul. His soul is wild and his spirit is free. I would not go back to India without making sure to see him again! Thank you Vimal for showing me the real India, it made me fall in love with your culture!
- Ms Jorden, Canada -
Vimal fue nuestro guĂ­a en varanasi, fue un placer ver la alegrĂ­a y dedicacion que tiene a su trabajo. Sabe mucho acerca del hinduismo y de la historia de la India, siempre muy atento , sonriente y con buena actitud.
- Ms Ivonne, Jaco and Daniel, Mexico -

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